Jason has a little Ed Wood in him. No...wait...that's just wood...
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Welcome to the Jasonverse. The universe of Jason.
This site features things Jason has done.
Some of them legal.
Who is Jason? What is the Jasonverse?

Hello. My name is Jason Phillips. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy it, in addition to learning more about my academic and creative interests. I have a variety of experience in education and media production. This website is designed to demonstrate the things I am interested in now, although I also have a variety of past experience that informs the kind of work I do.

The site features examples of my academic work and creative work. The page with academic work shows some recent examples of my academic scholarship on media and popular culture. I have presented at several conferences and won top paper awards in the past. The page with creative work features some examples of short video projects I have written and directed. I have significant experience in creative writing and am currently learning more about turning my ideas into finished projects. There is also a page that features my commentary on contemporary pop culture.